Beyond The Zone Color Mousse Tutorial

Took a trip to Sally’s and came across Beyond The Zone Color Mousse. I decided to give it a try after trying both Beyond the zone’s color chalk and color spray.


The first color I tried was Passionate Purple


I put it in my hair the same way you would do any regular mousse and here are the results:

image image image image image

In the inside light it gave off a brownish effect but in the outside light it looked more fushia. Next I decided to try the color mousse in Magenta Mayhem. Here is a tutorial on how i did it:



Here are the results:

image image image


  • When it is in your hair is it soft or kinda hard?

  • Does the mosse damage your hair I’ve colored my hair so much the highlights damaged it so idk what to do what u said is the best thing to do?

    • No! It literally leaves your hair so soft after you rinse it to be honest. And as long as you haven’t recently bleached your hair, it should come out just fine, too.

  • My hair is red but it’s faded right now I usually get it done once a month but idk if I can it pretty dry n damaged n needs a lot of conditioning if I use the red mosse would it work on my hair once I get it better I wouldn’t need to lightn it it’s pretty faded now

    • naturallytash

      I think my deep conditioning color method would work better for you. Get yourself some semi red dye like the adore brand and mix it with aussie moist 3 minute miracle and let it sit in your hair up to an hour. This will not only refresh your red but it will also deep condition your hair. Every time you wash you can mix about two table spoons of a red temporary color with your condish and this will keep your red vibrant and poppin. The mousse is very temporary and it will enhance your red if used but as soon as you wash its gone.

  • What is your growth regimen.?? How did you get your hair to be permanently red, I love love love that color but don’t want to damage my hair

    • naturallytash

      I really don’t have a growth regimen but I don’t use any heat, haven’t straighten my hair in over 3 years, I deep condition every time I wash it and I do a protein treatment once a month. My hair is not permanently red, it is colored red by using deep conditioning color and by refreshing the color once a month however it is still a temporary color and if I left it alone it would wash out in 2-3 months.

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