Beyond The Zone Color Mousse: Blue Splash Blast


I wanted to go for an Ultra Violet color by applying the Beyond The Zone color mousse in Blue Splash Blast on top of my purple haze manic panic color. I find this product at Sally’s for $5.49.

photo (73)

Its really easy to apply. You apply it the same as you would do a regular mousse. It will wet your hair some and you must wear gloves. Its also a good idea to blow dry or diffuse directly after to seal the color.

Here is my hair prior to the blue:

photo (4)

Here is after:

photo (68) photo (70) photo (71)

It was hard to catch the blue in the light so at first it really just looked black.

Here is how it looked when I caught the light:

photo (82)

photo (67)

Here is how it looked in the sunlight the next day:

photo (74)

The color doesn’t run a lot but if you sweat or get it wet watch out cause the color will run down your face. lol


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