Ask Tash…Top Asked Questions About Temporary Color Sprays


I get tons of questions about using temporary color sprays so I decided to answer the top questions some of you ladies and gents have.


1. Where can you buy temporary color sprays?

You can find Jerome Russell Brands at Walgreens, Beyond The Zone at Sally beauty, and Streaks and Tips at Sally beauty. There are a number of other brands you can find in drug stores but if you don’t need the color right away try online. Simply do a google search for the color or brand you are looking for and you can find great deals online. The prices range from $3.99-$12.99 a piece depending on the brand.

2. How long will the color last?

Temporary color sprays are made to be VERY temporary. The color will not last you anymore than 1-2 days. Besides you shouldn’t want it in your hair any longer than that anyway because any color spray you use will make your hair somewhat stiffer than it would be without the color in it. I use a pomade on top of the color to soften it some but even doing this you will still be able to feel the color in your hair. Try to spray in short bursts when you apply to keep from getting a lot of color in one spot because in doing so it will  make the hair more hard and stiff.


 3. Will the color run onto your clothes, pillowcases, etc.?

Yes the color will get on your clothes. If you have sprayed a blue onto your hair and you are wearing white if and when you touch your hair some blue flakes will fall onto your clothes. Your best bet is to wear dark colors and try not to touch your hair so much. If you have to mess with your hair put a robe or something over your clothes so the flakes won’t fall onto your clothes. Also prepare for color to get on your hands in some way if you do touch your hair. As for your pillowcases yes the color will get on that as well. What I would suggest is wearing an old pineapple cap, scarf or bonnet as well as using an old pillowcase.

4. Can you straighten your hair after you have applied the color?

I would NOT suggest doing this. If you want the color to be shown on straight hair I would suggest straitening your hair FIRST and then applying the color on top. I don’t think it would be a good idea to have the color on your hair and then smash heat directly on top of it.


5. Does your hair have to light in color to use temporary color sprays?

NO. It doesn’t matter what your hair color is you can still use any color temporary spray. The thing is the lighter your hair the more vibrant the color may be. A red color is not going to look the same on black hair as it would on bleached blond hair but that doesn’t mean that red will not show up on both colors.


6. How do you get the color out?

All you have to do is simply wash and condition your hair.  It will all wash out in the first shampoo. I would also suggest doing a deep condition when you wash the color out because although the color sprays are temporary they still contain chemicals and you can never be to careful when it comes to the health of your hair.

If their is a question about temporary color sprays that you have that I did not answer above please leave it in the comments and I will be sure to answer it for you!



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