Ask Tash: Hair Health & Color

Amber Ruiz asks:

How does your hair stay healthy with all the frequent color changes that you do?

First off I only use temporary methods to color my curls. Hair shadow, hair chalk,temporary color sprays etc. Using these types of methods are not harsh on the hair like bleach or permanent dyes would be.

I also deep condition everytime I wash my hair with Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle mixed with a little coconut oil and one container of banana baby food for at least 1-2 hours. This also keeps my curls heathy.

I love to switch up my hair colors but not at the expense of my hair health because overall that is the most important to me.



  • Hey tash! Soon I’ll be using color oops to remove this burgundy, my hair always comes out a ginger type of color afterward. I was wondering if I use your DCC technique with a blonde semi permanent would I be able to get my hair to be any shade of blonde?

    • naturallytash

      Blonds are tricky. You never really know what shade of blond It will come out or if it will even take the color at all.

  • Hi! I have a question I have dark brown hair. For the summer I want to do a protective style (faux locs) I want either blue or purple. How could I temporary color/dye my roots blue or purple? What should I use and how should I do it? I’ve been searching and searching! Until I followed you on IG! Thanks so much!

    • naturallytash

      I think you should use the temporary color sprays to touch up your purple and blue during the summer to more or less cover your roots. It would be an easy wash out and it won’t damage your hair at all.

  • What’s your recipe for lightening your hair naturally , I want a dark blonde color

  • Hi! first off I love love love your hair and all the amazing colors!!!
    Are adore and splatz the only kind you use for DDC or will any brand of semi/demi hair color work? i noticed the BTZ has some but I’ve only seen that you use their temp spray. and I’ve seen a lot of color from manic panic as well
    Im trying to transition away from using permanent dyes but my go to is Loreal HIColor RED, and its really really red 🙂 but I haven’t did it since last summer so I wanted to give the DDC a try

  • Hello I just wanted to know what color did you use to make the tips of your hair “BLUE”

  • You deep condition every 1-2 hours after applying the dye, or that frequently? Doesn’t that dry you scaple or cause itching?… Do you have any tips on good deep conditioners with little to no chemicals or ones that aren’t to harsh on natural hair…

    Natural hair newbie trying to find a good routine. :))

    • naturallytash

      I deep condish and dye at the same time. when I wash that out I deep condish again without the color for an hour. mane and tail is a great condish to use.

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