Ask Tash: Does temporary color spray rub off?

Sofia Andrews asks:

When using color sprays does it rub off on your hands?

* When using any temporary color sprays after you apply it and after it drys if you continue to mess with your hair some will get on your fingers just like hair chalk would. It is best to do everything that you want to do with you hair prior to spraying on the color so you don’t have to touch it to much. You can cut down on this by blow drying the color after you applied it.


How long will it last?

*I have never kept the color spray in my my hair any longer than three days. After that I have noticed that the color fades and starts to flake off.

Does it make you hair hard?

*I have noticed that some spray on color brands are different than others. Some will make you hair really stiff and some will not. The really cheap ones that you see around Halloween will always leave your hair feeling hard, but the Jerome Russell brand won’t.

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