Artists Who Rock: William Arie



I’m William Arie. I’m currently based in Houston, Texas. My means to expressing myself  is a dedication to my personal growth and interest, my love for my Black people, our women, our culture, and our progress.


 Type of Art you are known for
I’m known for afrocentric art. Most of the time, I’ll just do spins on my favorite cartoon, anime, videogame, and movie characters just for nostalgia’s sake. Other times,  I get real political on the Black Panther tip; In a way, it’s still a nostalgic thing to do. Overall, I just aim to glorify the excellency of being Black.

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What/ Who Inspires you?
It’s all about putting myself in a frame of mind that will allow me to transcribe what I see in my head on paper. Black people(especially the women), Black culture, Urban Culture, music, cartoons, everything that has helped shape my identity and what I think is cool inspires me. Time periods in Black culture are not to be excluded, especially late 60’s to 70’s and late 80’s to 90’s Black America. From the Michael Jackson’s to the Spike Lee’s, the Langston Hughes’ to the Aaron Mcgruder’s, the Aaliyah ‘s to the Erykah Badu’s; It just varies. I’m  reclaiming my childhood in one aspect and ,in another, grabbing hold of a time I was not a part of.

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 How long have you been an artist?
I’ve been an artist since I’ve been able to hold a pencil. Though, I didn’t take my art seriously until July 2014, two months after I had injured my self from over training for football. It was best to hang up my cleats as the doctor said.


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Do you have any favorite artists? If so who?
My favorite artists ,as of late, are Andrew “Spiff” Ellis and Markus Prime. Before July 2014, I did not take my art as seriously as I do now. However, I noticed their work around that time and I was motivated to pursue full time art and dedicate my life to it.  I always had something to say,  I just wasn’t taking full advantage of the visual art medium until I was intrigued by them. Before Prime and Spiff, I admired Jacob Lawrence, Basquiat, and many more.



 Has any of your art been published? If so where?
No,  but I will hopefully have something in the works in these next coming months.

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 If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?

 We could go with “Genuine Self Love, ” “Afrocentric Nostalgia Ultra,” “Channel Black Excellence.” [Chuckles] There’s so many phrases or words I could use.


Social Media

Instagram: @harlemenvogue
Tumblr: @william9arie
Periscope : @WilliamArie