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Hello! My name is Tawana, I’m a twenty-something dork, who is an amateur art enthusiast. I reside in Hampton Roads VA. I am a NSU (Norfolk State Uni) alumni. Go Spartans! I am the creator of “Adorkable Affiliations” and Tawana Simone Designs; which is where I post my cute illustrations. My goal is to sell my designs on tshirt and maybe get them in magazine. I occasionally freelance as a graphic designer/illustrator.







 Type of Art you are known for

I guess off the bat I’m known for my “Natural Hair Dilemma” memes. Otherwise I’d say cutesy curly girl themed illustrations/cartoons. All of my work is pretty much vector based aka digital. I have an AA in Graphic Design but have found that I much prefer doing illustrations. Adorkable-Affiliation-Deep-Conditioning Adorkable-Affiliation-Green-With-Envy


What/ Who Inspires you?

Everyday life experiences inspire me. A lot of my ideas come from just talking to friends and family or while I’m in the shower. My friends are a big help as I use them to critique my work before posting it to the internet. I have also been inspired by others’ work that I’ve seen on tumblr or instagram, music, movies, and sometimes videos on instagram or vine. Basically anything and everything can get my creative juices going. Like I have a loooooong list of ideas that I haven’t started but I’m like ONE day I will draw this, YAS I will! 0.o

forecast girlwithhat shhh-final

How long have you been an artist?

I’ve always drawn but only within the last 18 months have I consistently being drawing on a regular basis.  I love being creative and kinda wish I had did a double major at NSU or at least did graphic design as a minor. My dad draws and I like to think that trait was passed down to me. I love the watching the process of a piece from sketch to final product. It’s magical. As well as seeing yourself grown as an artist. Like I’m horrified by artwork I did 2 years ago and even 9 months ago but then I’m like whoa look how much I’ve progressed. It’s an amazing feeling.

tapered Tiarra-Money

Jill (1)

Do you have a fave artist? If so who?

Well I pretty much like/love artwork that I do not do myself. IE: traditional painting. One of my favorite artists is Salvador Dali. Surrealism art is fascinating. Other than him I do like certain cartoon art styles such as shows like Doug (Jim Jinkins), Hey Arnold (Craig Barlett), Phineas & Ferb (Povenmire & Marsh), Proud Family, Archer, Boondocks(LeSean Thomas) and many more!

daria&jane2-wip Patti Rocko-wip2

Has any of your art been published? If so where?

If you count Instagram or Facebook then YES! Otherwise I have been featured on some natural hair blogs. My work is share throughout the internet world. I’m still amazed and grateful folks like my artwork. Makes me feel special. I would love to be published in a well known magazine; which is a goal of mine☺

Princess-P-1 1-September-Childhood-Cancer-Awareness-Month sickle-cell the-struggle-7

If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?

Witty, Eccentric, Unique

Curls Club



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