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My name is Sherrill Defoe and I was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao (a definite vacation destination). At the age of 17 I moved to the Netherlands to attend college and here is where currently reside.

Type of Art you are known for

I’m known for my ‘’natural hair art’’ I often (all the time) draw and paint black gorgeous sexy women with natural black hair, Curly, kinky coyly hair. I’m also known for the fact that I always cover up the eyes of the women I draw either with their hair or with some shades. Why? because I think that you can relate (see yourself in the painting) much easier to a painting if the eyes are covered. The eyes are the windows to the soul which are unique. So by covering the eyes you can see yourself in the women I draw, by the resemblance of the skin color, the shape of the fro or the color of the hair.


What/ who inspires you?

I get very inspired by images of photo shoots in fashion magazines on the internet and Instagram. Most of the time I draw I try to recreate an image of a photo-shoot image I saw. This is why my art sometimes gets related to fashion. And off course I get inspired by beautiful black women with natural hair.

Caribbean Paradise

Caibean Paradise


True Blue


True blue

How long have you been an artist?

Not very long I’m a “newbie’’. Although I’ve always been able to put awesome stuff on paper, it’s these last few months that I’ve been really creating with a purpose and also selling my art. So it’s safe to say less than a year.

Good Hair

Good Hair


Summer Days



Summer days

Do you have a favorite artist? If so who?

Yes I do!  Hands down that would have to be ‘’Markusprime’’ for ever and ever and ever! I think the way he portraits black women and the love and respect he has for black women is amazing and very inspiring I really look up to him.

Love Pink

Love pink Solange


Has any of your art been published? If so where?

No, my art hasn’t been published as yet.

Model Chick

Model chick


If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?

Colorful, black & sexy

Natural Chick

Natural chick Red VelvetRed velvet

Where can you be found? (social media links)

Instagram: Defoe2you



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  • I am the Mommy of the artists-who-rock-sherrill-defoe I’m very very proud of her!
    God Bless her with her talent?

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