Artists Who Rock: Mavric Reigns


The name I go by is Mavric Reigns I’m located in Houston TX.



Type of Art you are known for

 I’m known for my modern pop art and extremely iconic sexy, sophisticated and strong women I create.


What/ Who Inspires you?
I’m inspired by art(other artist), fashion, and music. Other inspiration outlets conjure from kanye west, pharrell williams to name a few.gfkh
 How long have you been an artist?
I’ve been an artist since as far as i can remember. but i didn’t fully come into being an artist till high school and then I started to harness my ability to create art.
Do you have a fave artist? If so who?
 I do have a favorite artist and just to name a few.. Kanye West, kaws, Paper Frank, Herberto Ramos.
 Has any of your art been published? If so where?
 No unfortunately my artwork hasn’t…yet!
 If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?
 Iconic, Powerful, Sexy.good
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