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Hi, my name is Jasmine Terry originally from the Bronx NY, a few years ago I migrated to upstate NY. The name of my shop is LAIDIECLOTH, a specialty shop dedicated to fashion illustrations and custom made clothing based on those illustrations.
Type of Art you are known for
I’m known for my fashion illustrations, I take very literal approach to the illustrations, I like focus on the colors and patterns when I create the pieces. Everything is done with markers and colored pencil I also like to utilize glitter, a little paint,crystal stickers and even fabric to make the pieces pop.
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What/ Who Inspires you?
I’m inspired by almost anything that I see colors patterns, shapes
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How long have you been an artist?
I’ve always like to draw. I started to draw all in the Disney princesses in the 4th grade, when I attended fashion industries high school is when I got in to fashion illustration and clothing design.
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Do you have a fave artist? If so who?
Yes I recently came upon the fashion illustrator Hayden Williams, his work is awe inspiring
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Has any of your art been published? If so where?
My work hasn’t been published anywhere, yet…..
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If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?
Bright, Bold & Fun
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Social Media Links:
I can be found on Instagram
My website
My shop

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