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We’re a husband and wife team (J. Phillip & Erika), who work together to create the brand that is Focsi. We called the DMV home for a number of years, then we moved to North Carolina. We proudly rep the Triangle!


Type of Art you are known for?

Focsi is known for Natural Hair and Headwrap Art featuring women of the African Diaspora. Images that reflect the multi-faceted personalities, fashion, and interests that are rarely captured in art. Our images are powerful, playful, strong, fashionable, and sexy without being sexual or objectifying. We promote the message of YABJAYA in all our work.


YABJAYA means You Are Beautiful Just As You Are.



What/ Who Inspires you?

Our two daughters, along with all the beautiful women we see daily, inspire us to create. We want them to grow up seeing positive images that look like them; this empowers them and reinforces the concept of YABJAYA.


How long have you been an artist?

J. Phillip’s been an artist since he was old enough to pick up a pencil; while Erika’s love of crafting started in the Girl Scouts.



Do you have a fave artist? If so who?

Santiago a.k.a. and Thailander artist Spanky are J. Phillip’s favorite artists. He says they have some of the dopest work he’s ever seen.


While Erika’s favorite artist is naturally J. Phillip.


Has any of your art been published? If so where?

Phillip has a client list which includes: Adidas, Puma, Boost Mobile, Vitamin Water, and others.

Focsi is featured in various places across the interwebs:

Gulf Coast Naturals (Give-Away Sponsor)

Durham Hip Hop Summit

DynaSmiles (Give-Away Sponsor)

LabourLove Gallery

Art-o-matic (Artist Feature and Give-Away)


Raleigh Art & Film Festival

Mass Appeal

Cheris Hodges

Syracuse University CBT Alumni Showcase

Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show & Expo (Children’s Book Section)



If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?

Reflections of Beauty




Social media links

Instagram/Twitter: iamjphillip or focsimama

Focsi is on Pinterest, as well.

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