Artists Who Rock: Addie Rawr

I’m Adrienne Randle (artist name Addie Rawr). I am originally from Norfolk, Va but currently work out of Richmond, Va. I graduated in 2013 from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Creative Advertising. I am the founder of Art and Ambition my creative service business that I do my work under.
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Type of Art you are known for
I am  graphic designer and artist but mostly known for my paintings of African American natural haired woman.
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What/ Who Inspires you?
My inspiration comes from all types of African American woman’s beauty and fashion mostly one’s I come across on social media and blogs and a few famous ones included Erykah Badu and Solange. I love the woman’s body and all her features in it’s natural state. Majority of my art work are portraits of myself from different time periods of my life.
How long have you been an artist?
I’ve been drawing since I was 9 designing for 6 years and painting for 2 years. So basically more than half my life I’ve been an artist.
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Do you have a fave artist? If so who?
I have a few favorite artist. Johnny Tarajosu (IG: @tarajosu), Citizins (@TruthDonDie), Markus (IG: @MarkusPrimeLives) and Mcfresh (IG: @McFreshCreates)
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Has any of your art been published? If so where?
I’ve never been published but making it a goal for 2015.
If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?
I’d have to describe my work as Elegant, Bold, Unconventional
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Social media
Ig: @AddieRawrrr @ArtandAmbition

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  • I think that the artist is true to who she” is”. And that holds
    a lot of merits among her peers as well as family and friends.
    Keep doing what you do and let you Art do the rest.

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