Aritists Who Rock: Debra K. Cartwright

 Debra K. Cartwright Harlem, New York
Essex (2)
Type of Art you are known for
I’m actually a infographics designer for so currently I’m known for making Prince George’s B-Day card and Beyonce observations.
Manicured Toes
What/ Who Inspires you? 
Harlem inspires me; the drive and excitement of this city inspires me. Honestly, black people and our history inspires me. I’m a recent tumblr addict so social upheaval inspires me. I’m inspired by the fact that we are able to overcome all these media pressures telling us how we should look, how our hair and bodies don’t fit the norm. My job constantly exposes me to specific beauty standards. I see how powerful images are so in my free time I just need to break away and create images I want to see.
32 & 3rd
How long have you been an artist?
I can’t remember not being an artist, but it’s such a difficult thing to call myself, I still don’t do it with conviction. I decided to make art my career third year college, when I decided to major in art history/painting. (I was previously headed to law school)
 Do you have a fave artist? If so who?

I Iove Kehinde Wiley, his pieces are unmatched. When I studied art history in school, I always thought renaissance paintings were absolutely gorgeous but so so so white. They are so regal and to take that surrealism and regality and apply that to modern black people is just great. I mean his paintings are breathtaking. I also love Mickalene Thomas for the soul and color in her work. I watch too much of the Boondocks reruns so I’m obviously influenced by the great Aaron McGruder. Can I throw in an old school? Gauguin’s Polynesian period (I like women of color chillin).
Has any of your art been published? If so where?
 On all the time! (infographics and little illustrations!)
If you could sum up your art in three words what would they be?
 Feminine, minimal, evolving.
85th & Park
Social Media Links
I’m building an illustration portfolio so I haven’t developed my style yet but I’m trying to let people in on the process. But all this attention has definitely pushed me to build an etsy shop. Follow my insta to keep updated with that opening!



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