Aquamarine Curls with BTZ Color Bombz


To achieve an Aquamarine colored fro I decided to use the Beyond The Zone Color Bombz in both Rock on Blue and Untamed Turquoise. The method I used to apply it is pretty simple. I put my hair in a high front pony using an old hair tie and making sure to wear an old dark colored shirt. In a well ventilated area of my home I sprayed the entire ponytail with the untamed turquoise and then set the color with a blow dryer. Once that was dry, I took the pony tail down and sprayed the blue onto my hair everywhere my red hair was still visible. Then I set that color with a blowdryer as well.

Here is how it looked when done:

IMG_3753 FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (18) FullSizeRender (19) IMG_3737

Here is how it looked on day 2:

IMG_3811By day 2 you can see that the blue color faded to a purple, but the turquoise was still very bright and visible. Beyond the Zone Color bombz can be found at Sally’s or online at Amazon and Ebay. Also you can simply do a search for the Beyond the Zone online and lots of other retailers will have it as well. It costs about $5.99 per bottle.


  • Do you have a tutorial to show how you did this?

    • naturallytash

      No but I will be making one soon. However if you go to my post where I used the Jerome Russell spray in orange I give you a pictorial on how I applied it which is very similar to how I did this color.

      • My hair is black, will I be able to see the color as good as yours or would I have to use the spray over more than once to achieve the aqua blue look?

        • naturallytash

          The color will not be as bright on black hair as it is on my hair because my hair is red under it all. The color does get more vivid the more you spray though.

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