Adore Truly Red & Sparks Rad Raspberry

Once my previous raspberry deep conditioning color washed out I decided to refresh my color once again using the Adore Truly Red. I must admit to this shade of red being one of my very faves.


There are two ways you can choose to apply a Deep Conditioning Color:

Way 1. You can mix both the color and the conditioner together and apply to your hair in four sections


Way 2. You can apply the color in four sections of your hair and then apply condish on top of the color after. Either way it will grant you the same results.

I have no preference because I have done both methods.

Here is how my hair looked before I refreshed the color:


Here is how my hair looked after refreshing my hair with Adore Truly Red:

IMG_4348 IMG_4444 IMG_4509

So after about 3 weeks I was in my local beauty supply store and I came across a temporary coloring product I had never seen or tried before by the name of Sparks and it cost about a dollar more than adore but I still had to give it a try.


I decided to try the Rad Raspberry first! Here are the results of refreshing my dcc with this color:


Needless to say that I am loving this color and product as well. I love both the adore red and the sparks raspberry. But which do you like better I can’t decide!!



  • Hello I’m natural with blond in my hair now and I truly love the red, can you tell me what I need to do to achieve that red look?

    • naturallytash

      Nothing more than applying the red semi color of your choice because your hair is already light enough to take on the color.

  • Did the raspberry come out that color from having the previous red on it? I want a raspberry/magenta/red-violet color, I just don’t want to bleach the hair blonde for the raspberry to appear different because you had red which would be the difference.

  • My hair color its red now but i want the raspberry so bad do you think that i will get the results by just applying the raspberry one on top?? Or do i have to bleach????

  • Hi I wanted to know how do you refresh your hair? And does it damaged when you do that ? My hair color is red right now and I’m having trouble with the up keep im trying to look for a way to refresh the color with out damage I love this color and I want to stay with it any tips?

    • naturallytash

      Get a semi perm red close to the red you have in your hair and mix one tablespoon of it into your conditioner every time you wash. Let it sit in your hair at least an hour and then wash out and condish again. This will refresh you color without causing any harm what so ever to your hair.

  • i want this raspberry color so badly but i do not want to bleach my hair. my hair is virgin haven’t dyed it or anything but it is still dark brown how long do you think the cinnamon and honey treatment will take to get best results for the raspberry color?

    • naturallytash

      If you do it every other week I think you could achieve the results you are looking for in about 3 months.

  • I want to try this dcc method. I bleached and colored my hair last year and the color has since faded out. Now I’m back to my regular dark brown hair. I want to color my hair again, but without bleaching. My natural hair is better with color. Will this method work without me bleaching or lightening my hair?

    • naturallytash

      yes it will work but the color may not be as bright as seen on mine. What color are you looking to do?

  • My hair was previously dyed blonde and is now growing out. I like the ombre look but I want to play around with other colors for the summer. When you do dcc, does it ever truly wash all the way out? And will products like Splat and Color Brilliance truly wash out compared to using products Adore?

    • naturallytash

      Yes it does wash totally out. Splat will last the longest and will take the longest to wash out but the other two will wash out completely in about 2 months if you don’t refresh.

  • Before you performed a dcc on your hair was it previously colored from a permanent dye? My hair is a dark brown and I would like to color it, seeing as I’m trying to go all natural, without having to add so many chemicals. Can you help with some good coloring tips?

    • naturallytash

      No it was not. I used cinnamon and honey treatments to naturally lighten my hair over time. This method will take some months to really see results but its also healthy for your hair. What color are you looking to achieve and how long would you like it to last?

  • How healthy is the deep conditioning color? Does it have the same affect as regular color? How long does it last?

    • naturallytash

      It is a lot healthier than permanent hair colors or box colors and you are conditioning your hair and coloring at the same time. It will color like any other semi-perm color and it will last you up to a month if you don’t refresh the color. I refresh the color every 2 weeks if I want it to last longer.

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