Adore Royal Navy

Decided on going a little darker with my color this go round so I choose to try a color I had never used prior Royal Navy by Adore. I used both bottles and 2 cups of aussie moist conditioner.royal

Here is how my hair looked before:


Here is after:


One thing about this color is in most lighting you hair will look black because the navy color is soo deep.

IMG_6256 IMG_6259 IMG_6287

IMG_6284 IMG_6231


However in the right lighting you will see a very deep dark navy blue hue

Take caution when using this color simply because it will not be extremely easy to pull out with Color OOps. You will have to do the process a couple of times to get the color to come completely out because it is such a dark color.


  • I cellophane my Brazilian deep wave hair the same exact color but it shows black for some reason Can you explain why please?

  • Hi. Can you please tell me what state your hair was in in your before picture? (Did you do a color remover, was this an old color you had)

  • Can you please tell me what did you do after to make this color look so blue. It looks black in one pic and blue in the other pics.
    How did you get it that way cause my hair was red first now it just looking black.

    • naturallytash

      I didn’t do anything to make it look blue it just depended on the lighting. In some light it looked black in some light it looked blue.

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