Adore Aquamarine Tips

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I wanted to just color the tips of my hair and instead of doing hair shadowing or spray I opted to do dcc on the ends so it will last longer than the other techniques.

What I did first was wash and condition my hair. Then I twisted up my hair into about eight sections. At the very tips of each twist I applied some of the adore color and then on top of it some of the aussie moist condish. I then wrapped the tip with a piece of a foil. I continued to do this until each of the sections was done.


I put my hair into a plastic cap and put a t-shirt turban style on top. I let this color sit in my hair for almost 3 hours. After that I washed the ends of my hair and applied the aussie moist three minute miracle to all my ends and let that sit for an hour.

IMG_5346 (1)

Above is how the color looked after my hair had air dried. Next I wet my hair down and applied a leave in condish and then I did my normal washngo.

Here is how the color looked when done:

IMG_5372 IMG_5373 IMG_5375 (1) IMG_5377 IMG_5382 IMG_5390 IMG_5380 IMG_5391 IMG_5384 IMG_5383 IMG_5385 IMG_5402 IMG_5406

This color will last me a good 2 months if I don’t refresh the color. If I want to get rid of it before the two months is up I can simply use the vitamin c and dandruff shampoo method to pull the color out. For more info on that technique look for a post entitled removing deep conditioning color under the deep conditioning color tab. Also this color will not run whatsoever unless you are washing your hair unlike hair chalk or temporary color sprays. I did not make a video doing this technique because I am in the process of getting online classes together and that is where I will give step by step videos on how to do most of my coloring techniques.

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