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Hello everybody My name is NaturallyTash aka The Queen of Hair Shadowing. I went natural lmost 4 years ago due to me killing my curl pattern by constantly dying my hair and using a flat iron almost everyday. I transitioned my hair natural by using no heat, deep conditioning twice a month and using protein treatments every month. I also only wore Bantu knot outs until my natural hair pattern returned. Once my hair was totally natural I longed for some color and that led to my experimentation with using different methods to temporarily color my hair. Since then my trademark has become hair shadowing (temp coloring your hair using eye shadow) and it was then I got the name Queen Of Hair Shadowing. Also of late my name has grown to the Queen of Temporary color because I use many more methods now to temporarily color my hair.


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I created IRMN 3.5 years ago because I wanted to show young girls and women of all textures and types ROCKin their natural hair and how well they do so. I grew up without really seeing a lot of women embrace and rock their natural textures and I wanted to do something about that for the young girls and women of today. IRMN the facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IRockMyNatural) grew with leaps and bounds and I felt It was time to take it to the next level. Here I will give you all the goods on hair shadowing, deep conditioning color, and every and any new temporary hair color products i may try, in depth interviews with up and coming naturalistas,the most adorable mini naturals, natural mancandy, product reviews, natural hair styles and some Rockin Afro Art Artists!! There is a HUGE difference between simply being natural and ROCKin your natural. I ROCK my natural my way every day all day and I ROCK my natural is for the Natural ROCKers not afraid to ROCK theirs!! Come ROCK with me!!

Updates and Features are added everyday so you might want to stop by on a daily!


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