10 Most Asked Questions About Deep Conditioning Color

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  1. How Long Does DCC last?  

Deep conditioning color will last you up to one month. Each time you color your hair some of the color will wash out.

            2. Will DCC work on black hair?

Yes and No. If you hair has been dyed black no color will really be able to over power that black. If your hair is naturally black you can use dark colors like dark blue, dark purple and dark burgundy and achieve great highlights in the sunlight. DCC  will work at its best on medium brown hair and lighter.

            3. Can you use another conditioner besides mane and tail?

Yes. But if you choose to use another conditioner make sure it is a light, pale color condish preferably yellow or white. That way you will ensure that the color you mix into the condish is the color you want you hair to become.

            4Are splat and adore they only two temporary hair colors that will work?

No. You can use any temporary/semi-permanent hair color brand to mix with your condish. If you buy a product like splat that comes with a bleaching kit, all you will need is the temporary color NOT the bleach.

            5. Will DCC color my roots?

If your roots are a dark color no it will not. It may take on the color by giving it highlights but it will not take the color full on.

           6Where can I buy the semi-permanent hair colors for DCC?

Splat- walmart, target, cvs, walgreens, amazon, ebay, local supermarkets

Adore- Beauty Supply Stores, Sallys, Online

Your best bet will be your local beauty supply store for the most colors and variety.

            7. Will DCC stain my clothes and sheets?

Yes, when dealing with temporary colors there is always the chance of staining. Always use  protection on your forehead and neck like coconut oil. Make sure to always cover your surfaces. Try to avoid wearing white if your hair is past shoulder length. Make sure to use an old t-shirt to dry your hair and make sure to cover your hair at night. Avoid sleeping directly on your pillowcases so not to stain them as well.

         8. Is it ok to mix two colors?

No, never mix two colors together at one time to do DCC. What you can do is put one color in your hair like a red for example. Then wait 2 weeks and do another DCC but this time use a purple to create an almost fushia color. Another way to do two colors would be to separate you hair into two sections depending on where you want the two colors placed. Then put your first color in one section and your second in the remaining section making sure they do not touch. Then complete the process as you would if you were only doing one color.

         9. Can DCC last longer than a month?

Yes. If you refresh your color after every two weeks the color will last you until you stop refreshing it and let all the color wash out over time.

        10Do you have to lighten your hair to do DCC?

It all depends on your natural hair color and the color you are looking to achieve. If you are looking to do more bright and vibrant colors and your hair is dark it would be best to lighten your hair to a med-light brown before doing DCC. If your hair is already medium brown or lighter than there is no need to lighten your hair before doing a DCC.


  • Hey! I really loved the raspberry color u did but I was wondering…my hair is currently bleached but I would prefer to do a DIY coloring like u…can u do the DCC method on bleached hair??

  • Hi can this same procedure be done on permanent color? It’s actually bigen dark brown and ammonia free. Or does it have to be semi permanent. I wear white lab coat every day so this would be an issue for the staining it causes that you mentioned.

  • Hey girl!!! I remember in one of your videos you mentioned you have some gray hair…I have premature gray in the front 🙁 how do I cover my grays with adore…should I use adore straight out the bottle or will the deep conditioning method work? What do you recommend I do to cover the grays in my hairline?

    • naturallytash

      Mix the dolor and condish all over your hair and then use the adore without the condish on the gray

  • Im still a little confused on the process of DCC. Am I supposed to use semi-permanent or temporary color.? I thought they were different. Wal Mart had both Splat and Splat washables. Im just unsure on the type of hair color to use. Thanks!

  • How can I lighten my hair ? It’s like a dark brown and I want to DCC my hair a light and vibrant color . Please Help !!

    • naturallytash

      You can try the cinnamon and honey treatments or the vitamin c and dandruff method to lighten your hair. I have posts on both methods.

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