❤️Ask Tash: How do you moisturize shadowed hair?

Maya wants to know:

How do you moisturize shadowed hair? will certain products make  the color fade?


First it would depend on what you used to shadow your hair. If you used powder eyeshadow or powder hair chalk any product you apply on top of it will pull the color almost completely out.  Any product that you put on it will fade the color. This is why those products are best to use when you want to color your hair for a day. If you still want to use the powders to hair shadow then it’s best to put all the products you are going to put in your hair prior to applying the color.


Now if your using cream eyeshadow or the hair chalk pens then you can use your regular moisturizer on top of it and the color will not come out. It may not be as bright as it initially was when you put it on though. I use cantu curl activator or cantu hair moisturizer and it works great without making the color fade to much. Some may get on your hands when applying but the color will still be prominent and seen.


I hope this helps Maya and Happy Coloring!!

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